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© CCG, Mark Thompson

What is PAFL?

Postal American Football League (PAFL) is an American Football game played by people around the world. Each "Coach" looks after their own team in one of several Leagues that compete every season to win through to the PAFL Superbowl.

The team includes a full roster of players, with various abilities, that can be trained, cut or traded. Each game week the Coach selects a gameplan: the player line up for Offence and Defence; what plays are used in each Down & Yardage; along with other tactical options.

What is paflOnline?

paflOnline brings this game to the Internet by providing all the game reports and more on one web site.  Reports are available online or as Pdf documents that can be downloaded and viewed offline. Every game for every season is available*, along with additional stats and information.

Coaches can also submit their gameplans via the website, including options to save each selection to easily switch back to them in future games.

* with an all-new Silverlight animated game replay

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